Your First Visit to an Indoor Climbing Wall

Go vertical this week! Here’s what to expect when you visit a climbing gym. First, no one expects you to be an expert when you walk through the door. However, like going to a fitness center for the time, it can be a little intimidating to walk into a climbing gym filled with regulars who […]

Family Fitness through Indoor Rock Climbing

Looking for a different activity for yourself or your family that is not only fun but can improve fitness, challenge minds and teach knew skills? Rock climbing just might be the sport you are looking for. Rock climbing can be practiced either outdoors or in the warmth and comfort of an indoor climbing gym. During […]

Building a Backcountry First Aid Kit

Here are a few tips for building a first aid kit for your next trip away from immediate help. First off, what’s in your kit is far less important than what is between your ears. A little knowledge mixed with some creativity can be an invaluable asset in a backcountry emergency – or any emergency […]

I Could Never Rock Climb? Really.

At this time of year several dozens of people wander in and out of our Bar Harbor outdoor store. They see the rock climbing videos and the climbing photo albums and most turn to their friends or family and say “I could never do that!” I have to disagree. In fact, I think most people […]

Travel and the Mountains

“The mountains can be reached in all seasons. They offer a fighting challenge to heart, soul and mind, both in summer and winter. If, throughout time, the youth of the nation accept the challenge the mountains offer, they will help keep alive in our people the spirit of adventure. That spirit is the measure of […]

Stranded on a Cliff

A few weeks ago three young boys went out on a day hike to Black Cap Mountain. Initially they followed a trail but near the top they lost track of the trail. They chose to go down the east side of the mountain. Soon the terrain became steeper and more icy. They had a throw […]

Climbing and Risk

In my first post I detailed about why I climb. Every climber has a different answer to that question but I suspect a thirst for adventure and curiosity toward the unknown are key parts of anyone’s answer. But for those who haven’t climbed there is always the question of risk  which I will address here. […]

Hello Readers. Why I Climb?

I have been pondering what my first BDN “Rock Talk” blog post should be about for a few days and thought a good start might be to answer the ever present question of “why do I climb?” I suppose I could cop out and use the age-old phrase from George Mallory of “because it’s there” […]